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White Yellow Red Black – A Chromatic Adventure

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Alice Guareschi

Inspired by a quote from Reinhold Messner, describing his expeditions as vast invisible works of art (Werner Herzog: Gasherbrum), italian artist Alice Guareschi started an adventure through three continents, travelling according to a code: the colour. From the White Sea (northwestern Russia), to the Yellow Sea (northeastern China), the Red Sea (eastern Eritrea) and the Black Sea (northern Turkey), filming with a small videocamera, she turned what she had found and what impressed her into a 92 minute roadmovie. This book also takes the reader on this journey, by showing a selection of stills taken from the film, as well as notes by the artist, and a collection of postcards sent from abroad.

numbered edition of 200, Paperback, 250 pages, 20.5 × 13.6 cm
Publisher: Edition Taube