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Vox Populi - Norway

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Fiona Tan

Presented by Helga Härenstam

Fiona Tan- Vox populi
I really like the concept and the idea of this book, Fiona Tan has been doing this project in different cities and countries, she travels around and collects photos from family albums and arranges them (as I understand it) after the motives that we repetitively chose to photograph. The project is curious- you get to spy on the life of strangers! and it´s also about our photographic rituals. Its a collection of stories about places and nations told through, what the people living there chose to photograph.

Fiona Tan - Vox Populi - Norway
Publisher: Book Works 2006
ISBN-10: 1870699904

more work by Fiona Tan: http://www.fionatan.nl
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