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In the Street

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Helen Levitt

Presented by Helga Härenstam
Helen Levitt - In the Street: Chalk Drawings and Messages, New York City, 1938–1948

I like photographs with written texts in them. Its a hang up. I think it is something evoking about the fact that you always know that what you see in a photograph is gone, (the basic nostalgic effect of photography) but when there are written texts or drawings in a photograph- to me that fact & the effect of the passed time becomes more manifested, and for some reason I get very curious of the surrounding scenes to these drawings and of the person who did them…and of the person who choosed to photograph them. My absolute favorite photograph is from this book. Helen Levits has photographed a text on a wall that says "Press button to secret passage".

Essay by Robert Coles
Publisher: Duke University Press Books 1987
ISBN-10: 0822307715