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Destroy This Memory

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Richard Misrach

Presented by Helga Härenstam

Richard Misrach - Destroy This Memory

Its a huge book, photographed with a pocket camera after the hurricane Katrina. I have read that this was photos that he just took to remember where he was (as a map) beside his "real project" and then the "map" became the project itself. It´s full of houses and places with written messages. I think it´s a documentary about a tragedy that doesn't fall in the the "documenting & exploding tragedies tradition". These messages becomes like a narrative of the tragedy in the own words of the people that it happened to. People are looking for each other, and people are scared of each other, you see anger and you see a lot of jokes! These things & feelings are always there in our lifes, even if when there are no hurricanes, but they are usually hidden in the houses- not written on them. I like the fact that the private and the public mixes.

Publisher: Aperture; First Edition edition 2010
ISBN-10: 1597111635

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